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About VIP Student Ambassadors

Q: What is the VIP Student Ambassador Organization?
A: A prestigious group of student leaders chosen to represent FHSU at official campus events.VIP ambassadors

Q: What is the role of the VIP Student Ambassadors?
A: To work with the FHSU president and campus officials in hosting special events for dignitaries, faculty and staff, alumni and members of the community.

Q: Do the Ambassadors have group meetings?
A: Meetings take place once a month to discuss upcoming events and related information. A meal is included. Occasionally, there are presentations on current campus topics (for example, university marketing efforts, international education opportunities, etc.). The meetings also give Ambassadors a chance to reconnect with each other.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?
A:There are many, including:

  • Professional networking opportunities that students will not find with any other organization
  • Ability to polish communication skills
  • Satisfaction of giving back to the university through volunteer service
  • Opportunity to connect with other student leaders
  • Gaining an inside view of how the university operates

Q: At how many events do the Ambassadors work during the academic year?
A: 9-10 total events, or about 1 per month.VIP assadorsmbassadors

Q: How does a student become an ambassador?
A: During the spring, there is an application and interview process. Applicants must be undergraduates and have completed at least one semester at FHSU or another postsecondary institution. Approximately 25 Ambassadors are chosen for a one-year term.

Q: Do the ambassadors have a uniform?
A: The university provides each Ambassador with two uniforms: a polo shirt for casual events and a business suit for formal events. The Ambassadors get to keep these items at the end of their term.

Interested in becoming an VIP Student Ambassador?
Watch for posters, Web and Facebook announcements and other information on how to apply in January 2014.
Mark your calendar now!

Questions? Contact Lisa Karlin, VIP Student Ambassador sponsor, at 785.628.4232 or

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