FHSU Career Services offers CareerConnections Web

For the second year, Career Services at Fort Hays State University is presenting its students and alumni to prospective employers via the Internet . Students and alumni can use CareerConnections Web to market themselves. Prospective employers can view resumes anytime and anywhere they have access to the Internet.

"It's a really great way to present students to employers," said Dan Rice, director of Career Services. "The web made it simpler."

FHSU freshmen through graduate students as well as alumni are encouraged to place their resumes on the web. To do this, one should contact Career Services in Sheridan 214 or by calling (785) 628-4260. Those who post resumes on the CareerConnections Web are required to pay a one-time $20 fee.

Before posting, participants must turn resumes in to Career Services for review. "We review all resumes before they're put on the web, e-mailed, faxed or mailed," said Emily Breit, information resources coordinator for Career Services. "Partial resumes aren't out there."

CareerConnections Web has an on-line tutorial to help in resume making. Students can also upload resumes from various word processing programs. Resumes can be individualized for each student's likes and requirements.

Once the resumes are posted, "we continue to review," Rice said.

Those who post resumes on the Internet can update their information to keep it current.

ÒNot only can we update it, but students can update it and print it off," Breit said. "It's a lot faster."

The resumes on CareerConnections Web will look a little different than usual resumes. According to Rice, "When a resume goes out on the Internet, it is a headless resume so the students are protected in that sense."

Employers can log onto CareerConnections Web to download resumes but must contact Career Services for the name and contact information of the individual. Currently, businesses representing all majors look for employees on the web although, Rice said, there are many opportunities for education majors.

After logging on to the web, Rice said, employers check out different aspects of students in choosing who they want to look at.

"Some look for GPA. Some look at liberal arts degrees," Rice said. "A lot of them say: "I don't care what the degree is, what matters is the student."

"It's kind of nice that a school principal or superintendent could pull up the Internet on a Sunday afternoon and look at our students," Rice said.

"It's not just used for full-time," he said. Instead, students and alumni can find part-time work and internships as well as full-time positions.

Breit said the use of the CareerConnections Web has increased dramatically since it began in the fall of 1997. "From 1997 to 1998, it doubled," she said.

"At this rate, we'll have 400 or 500 -- we may double again this year," Rice said. "There were over 400 opportunities last year because of the web that we didn't have the year before. I hope it continues to increase and everything indicates that it will," Rice said. "Employers like numbers and the more we have in our web resume book, the more excited our employers get."

According to Rice, one reason businesses and organizations like to use CareerConnections Web is that it allows them to find someone who meets their needs and make initial contact.

Once the connection is made, Rice said, it is up to the student to have a good interview and provide the business with the information it needs. "There are a lot of opportunities but we can't guarantee anything."

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