FHSU teams with Gateway, Sykes to equip students with hardware and software as well as knowledge

HAYS, KS -- High-tech courses delivered in a high-tech vehicle mean a lot more when the student has access to his or her own high-tech equipment.

To that end, Fort Hays State University and its Virtual College have joined with Gateway Computers and Sykes Enterprises Inc. to offer a package that includes top-quality equipment, 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week technical help and financing to enable students to gear up while they study up for the information age.

"This is another tremendous advancement for Fort Hays State University and its students," said university President Edward H. Hammond. "This is a great opportunity for our students to acquire the physical tools of the information age even as they are learning to use them for maximum advantage in the marketplace.

"We are proud and grateful to be associated with Gateway Computers and Sykes Enterprises in this venture. It is yet another example of what can be accomplished when a progressive institution of higher education such as FHSU teams up with forward-looking businesses such as Gateway and Sykes to prepare people for the marketplace of tomorrow."

"We also are pleased to be involved with Fort Hays State in this program," said Nikki Anderson, senior account executive with Gateway.

"We are happy to be able to help prepare students for tomorrow and at the same time begin building a relationship with them so that we can continue to help them meet their hardware and software needs far into their careers."

While this innovative package of equipment and support was developed for and is accessed through the Virtual College, the tremendous value is available to all FHSU students, faculty and staff.

It works like this:

Gateway Computers is offering at discounted prices four basic computer packages -- two laptops and two desktops -- with computers starting as low as $855. These may be purchased as configured or customized. The basic configurations are designed to meet minimum software and hardware requirements of the Virtual College for its course offerings.
Included in the cost of these equipment deals is Tiger Tech, Fort Hays State's own technical support program provided by Sykes, a leading provider of information services to major computer equipment and software manufacturers all over the world.

Tiger Tech not only includes live, 24/7 technical support but also has more than 20,000 multimedia tutorials, online support for more than 150 major hardware and software products, customized PC support for individuals, families and home offices, online virus scanning and repair, and an extensive AnswerBank Knowledge database.

These deals are available through links from FHSU's Virtual College Web site, from a special Fort Hays State page at Gateway's site, or by phone. Financing is available.

For those who already own equipment, Tiger Tech is available as an add-on service for a flat rate of $120 per year or $14.99 per month. Tiger Tech is also available free for a two-week trial or for a three-month trial for only $44.97.

Tiger Tech service is available by phone at 1-877-228-3376 or online at http://fhsu.answerteam.com. (NOTE: You may experience a problem with this if you are using Netscape version 4.7. However, it works on all other versions of Netscape and on Internet Explorer. The developers are working on this problem.)

For the Gateway products, call 1-800-779-2000 or order online at http://esource.gateway.com/forthaysstate.

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