Eagle Communication's Eagle2Go service streams online TV to FHSU students

Eagle Communications and Fort Hays State University are providing on-campus students the ability to watch TV anywhere on the FHSU campus through a service offered by Tivli, an innovative IP-based service that delivers television with a sleek interface, built-in guide and DVR.

Eagle2Go allows FHSU students who currently live in on-campus housing to stream 21 cable television channels live on their laptop while connected to the FHSU wireless network.

During a demonstration of Eagle2Go this morning in the Memorial Union, Dr. Edward H. Hammond, FHSU president, remarked that he had become a big fan of the service. "Like many of our students, I also live on campus and have access to Eagle2Go," he said. "In this modern world of constantly breaking news that can impact our lives here in Hays, it is extremely valuable to be able to monitor the news right at my desk as I'm working on other things. In just a couple weeks, Eagle2Go has gone from a convenience to a necessity."

President Hammond said that in addition to providing an extracurricular diversion for on-campus FHSU students, Eagle2Go has the potential to enhance their educational experience in classes by providing immediate access to current events. "Eagle Communications has been a great partner with FHSU, and we appreciate this latest innovation that improves the lives of our students," the president said.

Gary Shorman, president and CEO of Eagle Communications, agreed.

"Eagle2Go brings in the best of both worlds to FHSU students -- television programming from popular cable networks in a format that allows them to watch it where they want to," Shorman said. "We know that today's college student is watching TV differently today than consumers watched even a few years ago. Eagle2Go gives them the opportunity to stream TV onto their laptops and even have an online DVR to record programs to watch later, on their schedule."

Shorman added: "Eagle has been a technology leader in the communities we serve since our founder, Bob Schmidt, went on-air on KAYS Radio as an FHSU student in 1948. We are excited to bring this technology to the FHSU campus in 2013, 65 years later."

FHSU is the first Division II school in the country to launch the online streaming television service powered by Tivli on campus.

"Our partners at Tivli first introduced this concept a couple of years ago on the campus of Harvard University," Shorman said. "Other Division I schools who have incorporated this on-campus video solution include Yale and the University of Washington."

The continued partnership between FHSU and Eagle brings the latest technology to the university campus -- something that is very important to both parties involved.

"When we visited with Dr. Hammond last year regarding the university’s video needs, he wanted to provide FHSU students a video experience that was cutting-edge," Travis Kohlrus, general manager of Eagle’s Broadband Division, said. "Eagle2Go gives FHSU students the opportunity to watch television in a mobile format not tied to the confines of a residence hall. As long as they are on the FHSU wifi network, they can access Eagle2Go."

The service is available to FHSU students who live in an on-campus residence hall or apartment. Students must be on the FHSU Wi-Fi network and sign in with their TigerTracks ID.

Kohlrus added: "Eagle has brought many ‘TV Everywhere’ options to our customers in the past year, allowing them to watch TV on their computer and mobile devices. Offering a TV Everywhere product to the students on the FHSU campus provided a challenge to our current TV Everywhere model. Tivli offered a product that is specifically designed to work with college campuses and gives us the ability to share the technology with our on-campus consumers."

"Eagle Communications and Fort Hays State University have been partners on a wide variety of projects in the past, and we look forward to providing new options to the university and its students in the future," Shorman said.

About Eagle Communications, Inc.
Eagle Communications is a Kansas-based broadband services and media company with more than 270 employee-owners. The company operates 28 radio stations in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, as well as cable television systems in 30 communities in Kansas and Colorado. The company also offers e-business solutions, web hosting, high-speed Internet, telephone service and rural wireless Internet in most service areas. For more information, log on to www.eaglecom.net.

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