'NuPenny' toy stand art installation's creator to be available during Gallery Walk

The artist for an installation at 10th and Main in Hays, which has an air of "The Twilight Zone" about it, will be at the installation from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight.

"NuPenny's Last Stand: Hays, Kansas," on exhibit in Union Pacific Park, 10th and Main, is the creation of Wichita artist Randy Regier. The concept is of a toy store dropped in from, well, the Twilight Zone is as good an explanation as any. Regier created the toys and the stand.

In its first installations, in Maine and Florida and elsewhere, the installation was in storefronts. This is the first time installation featuring the toy store as a stand.

Regier himself, speaking on the phone, said that analogy is correct.

"'The Twilight Zone' and 'Outer Limits' are exactly the kind of things I had in mind," he said. "It's that idea of something that just doesn't make any sense dropping into a small town out of nowhere, and the people who live there just have to try and make sense of it."

"NuPenny" will be on exhibit through the first two weeks of September.

Regier has also created a website just for "NuPenny," www.nupennytoystore.com, which has the history and information on the concepts of the toy store/stand concept and the toys.

Toys, says Regier, are a large part of his art.

Regier also has a website on himself, his studio and his art, www.randyregier.com.

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