FHSU pool renovations coming to an end

HAYS, KS -- A year's worth of hard work is about to come to an end with the completion of pool renovations at Fort Hays State University.

Since September, FHSU has been upgrading lighting to meet the clean and green standards, refinishing the pool lining from fiberglass to a PVC lining and making sure the pool was safe and esthetically pleasing.

" I think we should be done by early summer with the way things are going," said Dan Heater, director of the Physical Plant.

According to Heater, bids on the pool work ranged from $300,000 to $400,000. But by contracting most of the work to groups from with in the university the cost of the project went down to less than $200,000.

According to Heater, James Helget, operations manager of the Sternberg Museum, designed a new lighting system for the pool that will essentially pay for itself since it uses 30 percent less electricity than the old system.

The way in which the chlorine was put into the pool will also change when the pool reopens. University staff redesigned the system from a chlorine gas system to a pellet system.

The only two areas that were contracted outside of FHSU were painting the ceiling and the pool lining. The ceiling was done because unique scaffolding was needed in order to paint over the pool and the university had no way to line the pool.

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