College Republicans denounce State Federation's rejection of party principles

Fort Hays State University College Republicans, believing that a unified Republican Party is vital, today denounce the decision by the Kansas State Federation of College Republicans to endorse a candidate in the primary for the U.S. Senate.

In an unprecedented move, the Kansas State Federation of College Republicans voted to unfairly divide the party by endorsing a candidate in the primary. As College Republicans, our loyalty is to the party and its principles first and not to undermine the party's message and efforts with an endorsement of one Republican over another. Harrison Hems, President of the Kansas University College Republicans, said "I don't agree with groups (of any kind) as a whole endorsing primary candidates. I think candidates should be endorsed by individuals to stay away from any problems that could arise. I especially think it is very irresponsible for the Federation of Kansas College Republicans to endorse a candidate because they represent all college republicans throughout the state. What they are doing is silencing the voice of the supporters of Jerry Moran and dividing the party, which is the one thing we should stay away from if we are going to win big in 2010."

Having already made the critical error of endorsing one Republican candidate over another in the primary, College Republicans chapters at Pittsburg State University, Kansas State University, Wichita State University, Baker University and Benedictine College forced a measure through in a conference call to endorse a candidate they had already chosen. Fort Hays State University, the University of Kansas, and Washburn University refused to hurt the party from inside and voted to remain neutral throughout the primary. Allison King, President of the Washburn University College Republicans, was quoted “We feel it would be inappropriate for us to endorse either candidate as we have a significant number of members campaigning for both Moran and Tiahrt.”

Despite the three colleges best efforts, other College Republican chapters chose to abandon the best interests of the party.  Jacob Kessler, President of Fort Hays State University College Republicans, said this: “It deeply saddens me to see the Federation make such a drastic mistake. College Republican groups are here to be facilitators of information during the primary season. We are not here to play to our own personal biases and use our positions of power to gain favor from the different campaigns.”

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Jacob Kessler, FHSU CR president

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