Science and Engineering fair at FHSU draws budding scientists

Twelve entries in the Fort Hays State University Regional Science and Engineering Fair earned entry to the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair in Wichita on April 3 and 4.

Ninety-seven students with 47 entries from Hays High School, Hill City Grade School, Cawker City's Lakeside Middle School, Otis-Bison Elementary School, Otis-Bison High School, Russell's Ruppenthal Middle School and Thomas More Prep-Marian High School, Hays, were judged by 30 local volunteers.

"With new programs like the Regional Science and Engineering Fair and the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science, FHSU once again demonstrates that it is a leader in math and science education for the state of Kansas," said Angela Bolte, project director of the FHSU Regional Science and Engineering Fair. "Students really enjoyed being able to show off their projects to the public, and I'm sure that we had several budding scientists attend."

Results are listed by division and category.

Division I, grades 9 to 12

Behavioral/Social Science

1st place: Jillian Taylor and Madeline Karsa, Hays High School,"Reaction Lab."
2nd place, tie: Madeline Trout, Erica Staab and Brenda Soto, Hays High School, "Seeing Double."
2nd place, tie: Catherine Waring and Caitlin Luck, Hays High School, "How Music Affects Mood."
3rd place: Larissa Marcot and Kiara Schwartz, Hays High School, "Color and Personality."

Biochemistry, Medicine and Health

1st place: Samantha Fisher, Emma Nassif and Sam Drabkin, Hays High School, "The Shocking Truth of Acid."
2nd place: Aaron Cunningham, Kaven Arnhold and Xan Faber, Hays High School, "Colors and Cardiology."
3rd place: Jackie Balzer and Jordan Capo, Hays High School, "The Effects of pH Level in Carbonated Beverages on Veal."

Botany and Zoology

1st place: Mackenzie Boone, Otis-Bison High School, "Gravity and Plant Growth."


1st place: Koby Daily, Matt Plante and Trevor Henningson, Hays High School, "Stain Zappers."
2nd place: Shannon Schubert and Courtney Zimmerman, Hays High School, "Action Packed Detergent."
3rd place: Paige Lindsford, Daniel Dinkel and Emily Pfeifer, Hays High School, "Cleaning the Kool-Aid."

Environmental Science

1st place: Luke Madden, Michael Purvis and Josh Rounkles, Hays High School,
    "Sandbag Ingredients."


1st place, tie: Blake Seitz, Hays High School, "Electricity Created by a Coil."
1st place, tie: Dong Won Kim, Thomas More Prep-Marian High School, "Relationship Among Angle of Blade, the Amount of Resistors and Efficiencies of Microturbines."
2nd place: Allison Vahling and Kayla Kitchen, Hays High School, "UVA/UVB Protection in Common Foundations."
3rd place: Aaron Schinstock, Taylor Renz and Cameron Rohleder, Hays High School,
    "Pressures of Basketball."

Division II, grades 4 to 8

Behavioral/Social Sciences

1st place: Hannah Bannister, Otis-Bison High School, "Rural Tastes vs. Universal Preferences."
2nd place: Kayla Bell and Kylee Simon, Hill City Grade School, "Gender Riot."
3rd place: Taylor Pennington, Ruppenthal Middle School, "Thamatrope and Animation Project."

Biochemistry, Medicine and Health

1st place: Amanda Conway and Lily Couey, Hill City Grade School, "Germ Busters."
2nd place: Jordan Moubry, Courtney Farmer and Cassidy Froelich, Ruppenthal Middle School, "Bacteria and Soil."

Botany and Zoology

1st place: Renee Royer, Ceciley Mitchell and Andrea Kraisinger, Otis-Bison High
School, "Epsom Salt vs. Water."
2nd place: Megan Tammen, Otis-Bison Elementary School, "Do Crickets Like Sugary Drinks."


1st place: Kole Urban and Jordan Hoffman, Otis-Bison High School, "Electrolytes."
2nd place: Noah Schnider, Austin Donovan and Tucker Kauffman, Ruppenthal Middle School, "Electrolysis Experiment."
3rd place: Katie Tammen. Otis-Bison High School, "Lemon Electricity."


1st place: Gage Hardiek and Kade Tremblay, Hill City Grade School, "Air Power."
2nd place: Krystina Vaughn and Justus Bartonek, Otis-Bison High School, "Bending Bridges."
3rd place: Sam Higgason, Otis-Bison High School, "Edison's Electric Pencil."

Environmental Science

1st place: Brandon Bachar, Ian Finger and Christian Gulano, Ruppenthal Middle School, "Wind Energy."
2nd place: Kim Bradshaw and Lexie McDowell, Hill City Grade School, "Rescue Resources 911."


1st place: Erin Brown and Jessica Engler, Lakeside Middle School, "Magic Levitating Ball."
2nd place: Kaden Rohr, Gage Nichols and Tanner King, Ruppenthal Middle School,
    "Magnetism of Different Temperatures."
3rd place: Kenton Wondra, Otis-Bison Elementary School, "Slick and Slide."

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