Public invited to join FHSU students for video games

Area gamers will flock like moths to the multicolored lights of computer monitors and projectors this weekend at TigerLAN 19. Friend will be pitted against friend and brother against brother on a digital playing field for fame, glory and prizes.  

TigerLAN is sponsored by the Advanced Technology Student Organization in which FHSU students, faculty and people from all over the state gather to engage in one of America's most popular pastimes: video games. The event begins at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 28 and runs until Sunday, March 1, at 3 a.m., in the Black & Gold Room of the Memorial Union.

"People are welcome to bring their computers or consoles and connect to our network for 15 hours of gaming" said Jeff Baier, Chapman senior and president of ATSO, "People have a lot of fun. We always have drawings and usually cash prize tournaments, if enough people are interested."

An Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii will be connected to video projectors. Controllers are limited, however, so attendees are encouraged to bring their own. Games played will include Counter Strike: Source; Team Fortress 2; Halo 3; Call of Duty 4; Left 4 Dead; Guitar Hero; Rock Band; Tetris Party; Wii Sports and Unreal Tournament 3.

"There are almost always people willing to play any game you bring," said Luke Hachmeister, Natoma senior. Hachmeister is also the event coordinator for TigerLAN.

Several companies sponsor TigerLAN and donate prizes for the drawings. Sponsors include Nex-Tech, Hastings, Western Beverage, and Computer Power User Magazine.

"We really appreciate our sponsors' contributions; it’s a big pull for our event," said Hachmeister.

The event will also include a multi-game arcade cabinet set on free play, provided by ATSO. The machine can play virtually any arcade game and is available to attendees free of charge as part of the entry fee. ATSO built the arcade cabinet as a project and hopes to put it in the Memorial Union as a source of income for the club.

The TigerLAN event was started in 2002 by the FHSU Cyber Athletics Club and has been held as a bi-annual or quarterly event at FHSU ever since. People have come from as far as Kansas City, Mo., to attend the event.

The entry fee is $15 at the door. Outside food and drink are not allowed, but a concession stand is available with hot dogs and pizza for sale. For more information, contact Hachmeister at (785) 628-2682 or

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