FHSU to host Big Draw, Art Exhibition at Cafe Semolinos

Fort Hays State University will host the Big Draw, an annual October event celebrated in the United Kingdom, on Monday, Oct. 13. FHSU drawing students will run activities for all ages on the FHSU campus and throughout Hays. The Big Draw Art Exhibition will follow on Oct. 31 at Café Semolino, 110 W. 11th St., to display drawings and photographs from the events.  

The Big Draw is an international event that originated in the United Kingdom. Artists are invited to promote drawing in their communities through interactive projects that either beautify the community or inspire others to think, feel and create in their own lives.

"Since I teach drawing, I thought incorporating this activity into my classes as a service learning and community art project would be a ton of fun," said Amy Schmierbach, associate professor of art. "Focusing one whole day just to drawing techniques will promote drawing awareness in our community."

Activities will include sidewalk chalk "mandala" drawings, FHSU Drawing Field Day and a community collaborative drawing project.

The sidewalk chalk drawing is from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. in three different locations: the FHSU Quad, Downtown Hays and in the parking lot of The Mall. Mandala drawings, which originated in Hindu tradition and also appear in Buddhist ritual, are meant to link both the artist and the viewer to a higher sense of unity with the universe. Attendees can contribute drawings to an overarching mandala design.

The drawing field day is from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the FHSU Quad.

"Young and old alike are invited to take part in a number of activities designed to bring the kid out in anyone," said Brianne Fulton, FHSU graduate student. She is an art major and is organizing the drawing event.   

The community collaborative drawing project is from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Hays Public Library. Participants will create a collaborative masterpiece in a game of artistic musical chairs. They will exchange drawings to create multi-artist compositions that will later be displayed at Café Semolino. Paper and charcoal will be provided as well as live music and refreshments.  

"It is my hope that the students as well as the community will broaden their definition of drawing," said Schmierbach. "By bringing these activities into the community, students will learn the importance of public art, community service and collaboration.  Art is for everyone, not just the trained artist."
The Big Draw Art Exhibition is open from Oct. 31 to Nov. 21 in the basement of Café Semolino to display drawings and photo documentation of the Big Draw events. Frame-sized drawings and photos will be for sale. Profits will fund visiting artists coming to FHSU.

For more information e-mail Schmierbach at aschmier@fhsu.edu or visit http://www.thebigdraw.org.uk/home/index.aspx.

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