INT students travel to Denver to visit technology companies

The Fort Hays State University Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications sponsored a trip to Denver to allow students to familiarize themselves with technology and media companies in a metropolitan area. While in Denver members of the Advanced Technology Student Organization, National Broadcasting Society and other INT department students were able to meet with business leaders and view business operations in their field of choice.

From Sept. 12 to Sept. 14, 23 students took a trip that was sponsored by the Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications. The students were also broken up into special groups, Networking and Web Development students and Media students.

While they were there students got the chance to visit Cisco, Google, the University of Colorado's Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, Invesco Field, HighNoon Entertainment, Starwest Productions, Level3 and Channel 9 and Imulus a Web Design and Interactive Agency. They were also able to watch the production of a Denver area television newscast.

Denver was the first of three trips. Students will also travel to Wichita in November and Kansas City in the spring.

Students are listed by their hometown.

ABILENE: Jeff Baier, junior; Dylan Bathurst, junior.
BELOIT: Matthew Peters, freshman.
CHAPMAN: Evan Karl, freshman; Tyler Stalder, junior.
DERBY: Michael Meyer, sophomore.
Ellis: Jeremy Dorzweiler, senior.
EMPORIA: Adam Haag, junior.
GOODLAND: Kevin Schulte, senior.
HAYS: Tik Fung (Rick) Chiu, freshman; Joseph Knitter, senior, Siyuan (Grace) Zhou, graduate student.
HUTCHINSON: Alex Heisler, sophomore; Sara Sayers, sophomore.
LURAY: Joshua Seirer, sophomore.
McCRACKEN: Matthew Casey, freshman.
MEDICINE LODGE: Julie Dohrman, sophomore.
PARK CITY: Mikayla Lewis, freshman.
ST. FRANCIS: Jon Sweygardt, senior.
WICHITA: Nathan Long, freshman; Jennifer Montenegro, senior.
VICTORIA: Casey Pletcher, freshman.

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