Fort Hays Singers perform Singing Valentines throughout Hays community

As the Fort Hays Singers sang their love songs across the Fort Hays State University campus and throughout the Hays community, they were met with "wild success," said Terry Crull, instructor of music.

"Singing Valentines are really, really fun to do," said Tiffany Lawrence, senior. "There were a lot of people who were really emotional."

This year there were just about an equal number of women sung to as there were men.

"Some of the people broke into tears," said Crull. "I sang to a lady whose husband sent her the Valentine. She started crying as soon as I handed her the rose and chocolates."

There were three different singing groups from which people could choose -- one-male solo, a male quartet, or a female trio. The female trio sang, "Embraceable You."

"It is really fun to brighten someone's day," said Bonnie LeRoy, senior. "The men we sang to seemed to be really touched."

"There were many girls who teared up through the song," said Blake Connelly, sophomore. "Some were laughing and trying to figure out who had sent them the Valentine."

"We sang to 62 people this year," said Crull. "I was very pleased; we had a lot more people than we did last year."

The Fort Hays Singers raised $1,000 for their Spring Tour to Tak Ming Institute in Taiwan this May. This amount was equally divided amoung all the Fort Hays Singers, so $50 was to go to each student. The total amount for the trip will cost $2,000 per student. Each student is now expected to provide $700 for the trip.

"I think this trip will be very worthwhile for the students," said Crull.

The next project for the Fort Hays Singers will be helping with the Encore Series production of "Man of La Mancha" on Feb. 20.

Students who participated are listed by hometown and classification.

BELOIT: Tiffany Lawerence, senior; Nic Naasz, senior.
CANTON: Zac Church, senior.
DIGHTON: Elizabeth Fay, senior.
ELLIS: Blake Connelly, sophomore.
FULLERTON, CALIF: Chris Jones, sophomore.
GARDEN CITY: Alexis Corbett, senior.
GREAT BEND: Bonnie LeRoy, senior; Kinnat Whelan, freshman.
HAYS: Alexis Korbe, junior; Aaron Rockers, senior; Rebecca Tincknell, special.
HOISINGTON: Kyle Zecha, senior.
HOXIE: Karl Pratt, freshman.
LEOTI: Chris Johnson, senior.
LINDSBORG: Laura Decker, senior.
LYONS: Katie Steinert, senior; Emily Cline, senior.
PRATT: Ben Galloway, senior.

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