FHSU professors travel to Turkey

As part of Fort Hays State University's continuing effort to connect with other universities across the globe, Dr. Carrol Haggard, chair of the Department of Communications Studies, and Dr. Margaret Butcher, assistant professor, recently traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in a convention.

Bahcesehir (pronounced BAHkahSHAHhere) University, an FHSU partner university, hosted the inaugural Communication, Culture and Mass Media Convention. The theme of the conference was "Freedom and Prejudice."

Consistent with the theme of the convention, Haggard and Butcher presented the results of a study titled "An Examination of the Roots of Prejudice: A Comparison of Ethnocentrism in University Students in China and the United States."

"It is an area of interest," said Haggard. "It is also important as FHSU tries to internationalize."

Their study examined the levels of ethnocentrism, the belief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture, in Chinese and American college students.

"Levels of ethnocentrism were linked to sources of prejudice," said Haggard.

Haggard and Butcher plan to expand their research by examining levels of ethnocentrism in other countries.

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