Steer Challenge to benefit FHSU judging team

Cattlemen looking for a way to collect performance information on their cattle might consider entering the Fort Hays State University Livestock Judging Team Benefit Steer Feeding Challenge.

Sponsored by the FHSU Judging Team Steering Committee, commercial cattlemen will have the opportunity to collect weight-gain and carcass information as well as cash compensation if their animals do well.

All participants must be current members of the FHSU Judging Team Benefit Steer Challenge. Membership is $1 per steer entered, and the Challenge will purchase each steer for $1 from the member. The steers then become the property of the Challenge. Any prize money earned by a steer will be paid to the former owner. Prize money is determined by the amount the steers sell for at slaughter.

Individual finish weights will be taken and individual carcass data will be collected on every steer in the Challenge. Prizes will be awarded for average daily gain, carcass value and combined placing of the two categories.

Once the steers are sold, $250 per head will be deducted for feed expenses and 25 percent of the remainder will go to the FHSU Judging Team. Each former owner will receive a percentage, with larger additional percentages awarded to former owners of the first through 15th place steers in the categories of high average daily gain, high carcass value and high combination.

For example, if there were 50 entries with a final average weight of 1,250 pounds which sold at $85 per hundred-weight, the pool of money would be $1,062.50 per head.

The per-head calculations based on this scenario would look like this:
-- Feed expenses of $250 per head.
-- 25 percent to FHSU's Judging Team, $203.13 per head.
-- Net proceeds after expenses are subtracted equals $609.37 per head.
-- 50 head times $609.37 equals $30,468.50.
-- Each former owner would receive $304.69 (half of net proceeds per head).
-- High average-daily-gain steer would receive $1,066.40.
-- High carcass-value steer would receive $1,066.40.
-- High combination steer would receive $2,132.80.

After prize money has been awarded for high average daily gain steer, high carcass value steer and high combination steer, animals placing first to 15th place will win a percentage of the remaining prize money based upon their rankings.

Steers will be delivered from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Nov. 6 only, at Hays Feeders in Hays. Any steer weighing more than 800 pounds when delivered will not be accepted.

Steers will be adjusted to a finishing ration for approximately 30 days, with an official starting weight taken on Dec. 4. Approximate slaughter date is April 6, 2005.

Entries are limited to the first 100 steers and are due by Nov. 1. Members entering steers after the maximum number is reached will be notified prior to the Nov. 6 delivery date. For more information or an entry form, contact Kolby Burch, FHSU livestock judging team coach, at 628-5880, or steering committee members Rick Mullen, Russell resident, (308) 440-1509; Kevin Huser, Victoria resident, 735-2410; or Val Reiss, Weskan resident, 943-5441.

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