FHSU's Kelly Center to help students succeed at academics

Fort Hays State University's Kelly Center will host eight workshops during the fall semester to promote academic success at the university.

" We welcome anyone to come," said Maggie Denning, academic success services coordinator.

Workshops include "Love Notes -- Taking Advantage of Your Text and Learning How to Best Use Your Lecture Notes" (Sept. 15); "Freaked Out -- Preparing for and taking exams" (Sept. 22); "Calm Down -- Relaxation Skills" (Sept. 29); "Cheers! -- What Are the Rules When It Comes to Drinking and the University?" (Oct. 6); "Overwhelmed -- Stress and Time Management" (Oct 20); "Getting Real -- Looking at Our Expectations" (Nov. 3); "Moving On -- How to Deal With Grief and Loss" (Nov. 10); and "Homesick -- Going Home for the Holidays" (Nov. 17). Another topic, "Say What -- Amp Up Your High School Skills to Cruise Through College," was covered on Sept. 8.

Denning said that if people who cannot attend one of the sessions but are interested in more information can schedule an appointment with her office to have the topic covered during a private meeting.

Denning said that some students have difficulty making the transition from high school to college and experience academic difficulties.

" They're not prepared and they don't learn how to take notes in high school," Denning said, but added, "You can still do well and have an active social life."

For additional information or to schedule an individual meeting on any of the workshop topics, visit the Kelly Center in Picken Hall, room 308, or call 628-4401.

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