State board tallies ballots in FHSU faculty election for representation under meet-and-confer statutes

Faculty at Fort Hays State University have voted 87-81 in favor of being represented by the FHSU Chapter of the American Association of University Professors on conditions of their employment under Kansas meet-and-confer statutes.

The election was held last October and the Kansas Public Employee Relations Board originally counted ballots on Oct. 15, 1999. The preliminary results showed that faculty favored representation by a vote of 79-72, but about 20 additional ballots were not counted at that time due to challenges by the parties.

The university and the FHSU-AAUP Chapter announced on April 5 that they had agreed to withdraw their challenges and ask PERB to count all valid votes, tabulate the results and certify the election.

Following the meeting this morning in Topeka to tally the ballots, PERB reported that 87 ballots were cast for the FHSU-AAUP Chapter, 81 ballots were marked for "no representation" and two ballots were voided.

Under Kansas statutes, a simple majority of ballots cast by eligible voters determines the outcome of the election. If PERB certifies the FHSU-AAUP Chapter based on today's tally, as expected, the chapter will enter into the meet-and-confer process with representatives of the university administration, the Kansas Board of Regents and the Kansas Department of Administration to obtain a written "memorandum of agreement." That memorandum of agreement will establish policy for the unit's conditions of employment, which include salaries, wages, hours of work, vacation allowances, sick and injury leave, number of holidays, retirement benefits, insurance benefits, prepaid legal service benefits, wearing apparel, premium pay for overtime, shift differential pay, jury duty and grievance procedures, salary allocations, out-of-state travel funds, promotions, summer employment, tenure, retrenchment and personnel files.

In their agreement announced on April 5, the university and the FHSU-AAUP Chapter said they would begin meet-and-confer discussions at a mutually agreed date after July 1 if PERB certifies the chapter.

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