FHSU faculty, staff serve with community agencies

Fort Hays State University faculty and staff have played an integral role serving on various Hays city committees and boards in 2002.

According to President Edward H. Hammond, nearly one in five members who served on a volunteer committee for the city also worked for the university.

"We are proud of the talent the faculty and staff bring to our university and openly encourage them to participate in activities impacting our community," Hammond said.

Dr. Larry Gould, FHSU provost, added that the university's Leadership Studies and general education programs are nurturing future citizens for committee work.

"Civic engagement, participation and service are values deeply rooted in our country's heritage. Our general education programming and leadership coursework are powerful tools for getting our students to recognize and practice these qualities of citizenship," said Gould.

FHSU employees involved in committees for the city included:

ADA Advisory Committee: Dr. Amy Finch, associate professor of communication disorders.
Beautification Committee: Kris Dewell, instructor of business administration.

CARE Council: Cynthia Elliott, dean of the Virtual College, and Dr. Harriet Caplan, instructor of business administration.

Golf Course Advisory Committee: Karen Beery, instructor of sociology for the university's Virtual College.

Airport Advisory Committee: Dr. Maurice Witten, professor emeritus of physics, and Ed Lee, instructor of mathematics and computer science.

Board of Zoning Appeals: Dana Cunningham, director of facilities planning; Dr. Eileen Curl, professor of nursing; Jolene Niernberger, director of the Senior Companion Program; and Dr. Lou Caplan, chair of the Department of Physics.
Convention and Visitors Bureau: Steve Wood, director of the Memorial Union, and Dr. Jerry Choate, director of the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

Library Board: Dr. Tom Jackson, dean of the Graduate School; Dr. John Ratzlaff, professor of geosciences; Cathy Drabkin, special events coordinator, Docking Institute of Public Affairs; Dr. Dave Goodlett, assistant professor of history; Lynn Haggard, patron services coordinator, Forsyth Library.

Public Wholesale Water Supply: Ratzlaff.

Traffic Advisory Committee: Dr. David Pierson, retired associate professor of biology.

Planning Commission: Niernberger; Dr. Larry Gould, provost; and Dr. Lou Caplan.

Water Study RFP: Dr. Tom Griffith, virtual college instructor of business administration.

Recreation Commission: Micki Armstrong, instructor of sociology.

Wellhead Protection Committee: Dr. John Heinrichs, assistant professor of geosciences.

Sister Cities: Dr. Josephine Squires, assistant professor of political science; Dr. Ed Stehno, professor of educational administration and counseling; Dr. Paul Phillips, chair of the Department of Geosciences; John Ross, director of Forsyth Library; Dr. Tony Fernandez, dean of the College of Health and Life Sciences; Cathy VanDoren, director of annual giving, FHSU Endowment Association; Cathy Wilcox, development research, Endowment Association; and Carol Solko, coordinator of international and disabled student services.

Community Development Finance Advisory Committee: Dr. Mark Bannister, chair of the Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications; Sandy Rupp, assistant professor of computer and information systems; and Phil Toepfer, controller.

Downtown Hays Development Corporation: Bannister; Dr. Curt Brungardt, chair of the Department of Leadership Studies; and Tonja Vallin, academic affairs marketing specialist.

Smoky Hill Wellfield Consultant Selection Committee: Ratzlaff.

Park and Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee: Tom Spicer, director of athletics; and Pam Groff, scholarship services.

Storm Water Advisory Committee: Niernberger.

2003 CIP Selection Committee: Griffith.

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