Starting and Completing the Training
  • This presentation will provide basic information.  It focuses on sexual harassment but also provides information on other matters of concern.

  • After the presentation there are four different exercises.  You need to complete the one that most closely fits your employment position, however, feel free to view all of them.

  • When you complete the training and appropriate exercise you will submit information indicating that you have done so.

  • You will be provided a certificate to print for your files.

  • The information that you have completed the training will be forwarded to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

  • If the information is not completed there will be no verification that you have completed the training.

  • A record of your completion of the exercise is the only information that will be kept.  There are no scores or grades to record.

  • You will be able to stop the training and return to it at a later time should you need to do so.

  • Once you have begun the exercises you will need to complete them or you will need to start again.
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