Quiz for Non-Supervisory Staff

Read the following example and choose the best answer. You must continue choosing until you choose the best answer.

1. You are an assistant to the director of your department. Yesterday, you called the director, Mr. Adams, with a question. About an hour later, he came into your office, leaned over your desk and began massaging your shoulders while you were talking. You shifted away but he gave you a line about being a "friendly person." Today he visited your office again and he sat down next to you with his hand on your knee. He is about twenty years older than you and he probably did not mean anything by it but nonetheless it made you extremely uncomfortable.

How should you handle this situation?

A) Tell the director to stop touching you in a clear and firm manner.

B) Ignore the incident.

C) Report the incident to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

D) Both A and C.


It is strongly recommended that you report the incident to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. This may help verify the occurrence at a later date if necessary. However, this is not the best answer.

Try Again.

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