Quiz for Deans, Chairs, Directors, and Other Academic Titles with Supervisory Responsibility

Read the following example and choose the best answer. You must continue choosing until you choose the best answer.

1. A professor/staff member comes to you with the following problem and seeks your advice. A student has been visiting the professor/staff member's office under the guise of needing help with financial aid; however, the professor/staff member suspects that the visits are more social in nature as the student refuses all offers of actual assistance. After visiting regularly for about six weeks, the student asks the professor/staff member to accompany him/her to a concert. The professor/staff member would really like to accept the student's offer.

A) Advise the professor/staff member to accept the offer and let the relationship progress as the professor/staff member and the student are comfortable.

B) Advise the professor/staff member to accept the offer but explain that he/she thinks of the student as nothing more than a friend.

C) Advise the professor/staff member to decline the offer.

D) None of the above.

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